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In Antwerp, we find two sorts of Seafarers' centres :
The national centres are concerned particularly for sailors of their own nationality. Those are from the Nordic Churches : the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. The international centres A.S.C. (Antwerp Seafarers' Centre) at the Italiëlei, better known by the name Stella Maris, managed by the Apostleship of the Sea with;

Vandaag zijn hier ondergebracht :

  • Apostolatus Maris , Roman Catholic.
  • Sailors' Society.(Sailors' Society) Interdenominational.
  • D.S.M.(Deutsche Seemansmission) Lutheran.
  • M.T.S.(Mission to Seafarers) Anglican.

Those are Seamen's churches from four different Christian denominations and three different languages, working together in their apostleship for Seamen. The ecumenical character was chosen to show that neither language, race or religion are of any importance. As human creatures, we must have interest for everybody who visits the port and certainly it is more Evangelical to go as one Church to the non-Christians, than from four different Churches.

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Date : 2018-09-30

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