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  1. A MEETINGPLACE for seamen without distinction of race, language, nationality or religion.
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    Also there is a CHAPEL : for all the sacraments and religious practices. For the Roman Catholic Church, we are a real parish for seafarers; so there is possibility for marriage, baptism and the eucharist. Celebrations take place in the Chapel, mostly on Saturdays and Sundays.When people ask for it, we go to the ship to celebrate on board at anytime and any day.
  4. CENTRE OF SOCIAL SERVICE : altough not official,many efforts made as :
  5. SHIPVISITING : daily - mostly in the morning - the Chaplains and their assistants visit the seafarers on board of their ships. It means that they will show that they are present for seaferers, and that they (the seaferers) can always refer to them (the Chaplains). Chaplains are there when they need them and seamen must know this. High points in Religious life during the year : Eastern and Christmas demand special attention and care. Most of all they are unforgettable evenings with seaferers of all grades, races, religions, colors and languages.
  6. VISITS TO THE PATIENTS IN HOSPITAL :> There is a team of volonteers, who regulary visit the hospitals of Antwerp and its neigbourhood, to find out if there are seamen who need our help anyway. Sometimes it will be a short visit with our greetings, either a little bouquet mostly books or magazines are given in all kind of languages. During Christmas and Easter Time, they receive special visits, where they get flowers and presents.
  8. LIBRARY : In cooperation with the Antwerp Town's Library a BIB point is installed in The Seamans' Centre. On board of ships calling regularely at the Port of Antwerp boxes with DVD's are provided.
  10. SPORT-EVENTS : The Port of Antwerp has the reputation of staying several years at the top of all world-ports for the number of footballgames between seamen. Not only the sportfield, but also the material : clothes, footballs, referees, showers.._ are used freely. Every year the Antwerp Harbour Hotel and the Scandinavian Seamen Churches organise some competitions.
  11. wi-fi is also available for those who want to use their own laptop,tablet or smartphone.
  12. SHOP AND PHONE-CALL : We open a little shop to give the occasion to the seamen to buy stamps, papers, cards and things that they need as soap, toothpaste and so on. The phone is in daily use, that's normal because that is the way that seamen make contact with their family.
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Date : 2018-09-30

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