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If ports are important meetingplaces for society, than it's also true for Churches. Through history, ports have always been places where there were movements in society on different kinds of levels. Today, that world of seamen, has been known for the following points:


Seamen come and go, today even quicker than ever.

A PLURALISTIC CONSTITUTION: The shipcrews are more and more people with different languages, religions and cultures. They have to work together. On the wall, they still have to learn this.

The big sign from the Church, her SYMBOL, is quality in relationships. "SEE HOW THEY LOVE EATCHOTHER" so said the pagans at the beginning of Christianity. In our contact with seamen, we try especially to be a sign of Christian Love by hospitality and human contact, respecting seamen as they are.


    is very important. An old epitaph that teaches us this, says: "I was travelling a lot, but in each town, I have found brothers and a warm welcome". An Indian seaman wrote down in our guestbook : "It is a lovely day for me meeting `the big family' again and I will come back". Seamen from Burma, Singapore and Malaysia wrote"As we arrive in the port, the first thing we are looking for is `The Seamenshouse', because we know that we are always welcome. An Islamic Moroccan wrote : "Here we find friendship and hospitality. Why are Christians worrying about seamen and Muslims don't do this in their own country"?

The hospitality that we offer, is based on the efforts of about one hundred people (volanteers),who themselves engage in hospital-visits, run the shop, assist in the organisation of football-games, social evenings, the shipvisits, transport, maintenance of places, administration and reception ..... The Antwerp Seafarers' Centre (Italiëlei), and the Antwerp Mariners Sportfield give all kinds of service to every-one who comes down to the port of Antwerp.

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Date : 2018-09-30

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